The Summer Moon intricately weaves together nature and yoga as guides on and off the mat with carefully curated practices, outdoor adventures, and meaningful connections. Our mission is to nurture vitality and every individual’s well-being, to cultivate a conscious, mindful, and loving connection between ourselves, the community, and nature.  Whether a beginner or an advanced practitioner, The Summer Moon strives to create a place to practice Yoga and Meditation in a supportive and accessible environment. It is our intention to keep the teaching of yoga as close to the way we have been taught as possible and is incumbent for us to always act responsibly and with our client’s interest in mind.  We believe in the transformational tools of this practice from the subtlety of quiet meditation to the power of breath with movement. We believe in the structure of nature and the cycles of planets and stars. We believe that all of it is connected and that profound peace exists when you align yourself with the truth of your nature. And through observing the qualities and patterns of the outdoors, we can cultivate our own personal wholeness and contribute to the wholeness of our communities and planet. The world is moving fast. We’re busy, always plugged in, and constantly distracted. Over time, we’re losing our capacity to look around, see the sky, be at ease and appreciate the sweetness of life. Now more than ever, we need places that help us slow down and stay genuinely connected to ourselves, each other, and the beauty of the human experience.  The Summer Moon is that place.  xo





2910 Franklin Blvd Sacramento, CA 95818