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If you’re reading this, the thought of joining a yoga teacher training has probably entered your mind. But you may have put it on the back burner, because, why take a teacher training if you don’t plan to teach? The answer is because there are life changing benefits of going through an immersive and transforming program. 

Our 200 hour teacher training begins March 2023! Led by industry mentors Summer Ward, Reno Gorman, Carly Bornmann and special guest teachers our training will draw on over 40 combined years of training experience and a rich tradition of lineages, including Ashtanga, Hatha, Restorative and Yin, as well as breath work, sadhana and an integrative approach to yoga for current times.


What is Yoga Teacher Training?

The Summer Moon’s Yoga teacher training is a program designed to help students (soon to be teachers) gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of yoga and meditation for our current climate.  Through that knowledge and practice, students will gain the confidence to guide others.  The training is 200 hours, which is the amount of physical time that students will be engaged with trainers and/or doing assignments independently for the program.  Certification will be granted once all the requirements are satisfied.


What style(s) of yoga is taught?

The Summer Moon’s teacher training program takes on an integrated and contemporary approach to yoga.  We believe that the practices of yoga and meditation should be made available to all populations of people.  We desire to make yoga available to those interested in learning the practice. The training encompasses classical hatha yoga as the foundation from which other styles including vinyasa, gentle, and restorative are all learned.  When a student completes teacher training, they will be able to teach all of the above classes with a trauma informed component as well. 


How will taking the teacher training change my life/my yoga practice?

Teacher training is a true journey, an immersive exploration. It differs from other educational programs in that the student becomes immersed into the deepest part of himself or herself, both physically and mentally as they do yoga and really live the practice. It changes your day-to-day life.  As a practitioner you “go” to yoga class, and as teacher/scholar, yoga weaves its way into your daily actions, it becomes integrated into your being, even if you do not desire to teach.

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes, attendance is mandatory and will count toward certification.  We understand illnesses and emergencies and will deal with those situations should they arise.

What is the final exam?

There are three parts to the final exam.  A practical exam that consists of students teaching a 60-minute asana class, a 12-minute guided meditation/breath work class, and a written (essay, short answer & multiple choice) exam.  All exams are pass/fail.

How much homework is there?

There is about 2 hours of homework associated with each weekend of teacher training.  Homework consists of journaling, the anatomy-coloring book, practice teaching to family/friends/dog or cat, and reading and practice teaching. 


What are the additional requirements for certification?

Certification will be granted after passing final exams, turning in all course work/assignments & projects, community service hours.  Upon receiving a certificate from The Summer Moon, students may apply to The Yoga Alliance for 200-Hour Registry.  www.yogaalliance.org


What if you think…. I am not flexible, I can’t do a handstand, I am not “good” at yoga?  Can I still teach yoga?

Yes!  If you want to teach yoga and you want to surrender to the natural flow of your life, then do it.  If you are curious and want to learn more about yourself and yoga, and help others learn more, then do it.  If you want to learn how to navigate your own life with skill and share this with others, this is for you. The reasons people practice and teach yoga vary, but universally yoga cues us into our bodies and minds and through this practice, through this journey, we learn to accept ourselves and others without judgment and because of this acceptance are able to connect to our truest nature and community.  To put it more simply, if you want to learn more and help others, then do it, don’t get in your own way!


What is a typical training day like?

Days will be a blend of practice and theory.  We will practice asana, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and peer teach daily.  We will examine the methodology and history behind these practices and apply these techniques.  We will learn anatomy, engage in daily sadhana,  In short, we will do yoga and learn how to teach yoga every single day of training.

Why yoga teacher training might be for you—even if you never teach


Expand your knowledge far beyond studio classes  as you study the roots of yoga and the foundations of the practice. You’ll be introduced to modalities including history, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, meditation, anatomy, subtle body awareness, understanding the breath and so much more!


The work of a daily practice will not only get you in great shape, but will develop a mindset for discipline, ease and freedom. Feel more energetic and vibrant, and watch your body transform as you invest in yourself with consistent, intentional movement and meditation.


Learn how to modify a practice to YOU, to make yoga a sustainable part of your lifestyle. Whether you’re adjusting to your body, training for a specific sport, or modifying for a new life stage (i.e. pregnancy or injury), YTT will give you the tools and understanding to practice in all seasons.


YTT is a special time to connect with other students and instructors as you  journey together in yoga. Expect to learn, practice, fail, get inspired, and laugh together as you form new friendships with other passionate practitioners.


When students set aside the time for YTT, they discover an immersion in self inquiry and exploration. Learn how to open important doors of meditation and self-awareness, how the body and mind are integrated, and to understand and express yourself in new ways—including reflection, journaling and ritual. 


As you develop your skills you’ll gain a new level of knowledge and confidence in your practice. You’ll become comfortable around others, and learn how to guide with clarity and authenticity. Through the YTT process, you’ll also be able to identify the needs of others and hold the energy of a room with knowledge and confidence.

2023 Dates Friday 6-9pm; Saturday & Sunday 9-6pm

March 17-19

March 31- April 2

April 14-16

April 28-30

May 12-14

June 2-4

June 16-18

July 7-9

July 21-23

August 3-7 Retreat

* BIPOC Scholarship available, see Teacher Training Application *

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